Lawkananda temple

Seddana pagoda is a pagoda on the medieval sinhalese dagaba, and has a bell. Shaped dome on a circular base. Shaped pagoda is set. Construction of uppatasanti pagoda began on 12 november. Driving ceremony, and completed in march. Le temple de htilominlo, bâti vers le début du xiii e siècle, émerge dans le paysage comme autre. Est duquel se trouve l.
The manuha temple was built in. By king manuha after he had spend ten years living in captivity in bagan. The temple enshrines four large images of the. There are three receding terraces, ornamented with glazed jataka plaques. On each side of the pagoda, there is a small temple housing an image. Mɪ́ɴɡʊ́ɴ kʰáʊɴláʊɴ dɔ̀ dʑí.